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MAXGOAL is definitely the fastest soccer-dedicated sites that share the up-to-the-minute football information!

MAXGOAL offers a great coverage on high quality content of soccer, scores (final scores • live scores • historical scores) and the World League's information, where fans can also enjoy free soccer live streaming.

We are keen to share the latest soccer's updates and committed to improve our performance continuously and strive to deliver the best service for our members!

Maxgoal isn't only a site to get the latest source of soccer information, but also an interactive platform for soccer fans from all around the world! MAXGOAL launched of various soccer betting contests & article-sharing activities as a connection for the members to push their love for soccer to a higher level! We make it as a meaningful bonus for our members while also aim to make a wonderful contribution to spread our love for soccer.

Let's join us to share the same passion and simple pleasure together!

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